• Manthan: Analytics for every role, in every hand.

    Manthan: Analytics for every role, in every hand.

    No customer, waits. Which is the simple reason decisions can't wait in retail. If what the customer wants is on your shelf, you are a winner. If it is not, you've lost an opportunity (and for all you know, a chunk of loyalty). But then again, decision without due deliberation, is unwise. How then, does the retailer balance speed with accuracy when it comes to decision-making?

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  • Solutions for CPG manufacturers: analytics to help predict and activate the shopper journey.

    Solutions for CPG manufacturers: powerful analytics to help predict and activate the entire shopper journey.

    The shopper is no longer a mystery – at least she shouldn’t be for CPG manufacturers. With Manthan’s portfolio of advanced analytics products, you can understand shoppers better (even intimately), identify and predict what they want, and know exactly how and where to reach them, with offers and promotions that they are most likely to prefer.


  • NRF 2014

    WE DO!

    Decision making in retail demands Analytics solution that brings statistical sciences and technology to bear on every business context. Solution that completes the entire analytics loop - from discovery to decision making to execution: Analyze. Decide. Do. No other Analytics solution aligns to retail covering every role, every scenario, every task - WE DO!

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  • Love's Names Manthan IT Vendor of the Year

    Love's names Manthan 'IT vendor of the year'

    It is truly an honor to have the opportunity and to recognize Manthan Systems as the first recipient of the ‘IT Technology vendor of the year’ award. You could say Manthan actually inspired Love’s to offer this award,” said Jim Xenos, CIO at Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores. “Manthan has helped us transform business intelligence. Their team is always happy to engage a new opportunity and attack every issue with enthusiasm. The bar has now been set for other vendors, we hope that they will be inspired to push beyond as well. Without execution, ideas are meaningless".

  • The ARC Fashion Suite

    The ARC Fashion Suite

    In a new world of fast fashion that demands concept to store in 3-4 weeks, and challenged with a growing number of seasons and international markets, the complexity of decision making has grown multifold. While next season success may rely on gut instincts, businesses must take advantage of data-driven insights more than ever before.

    Manthan’s ARC Fashion Suite features a portfolio of analytics products packaged specifically for fashion retail, with solutions for merchandising, marketing, multi-channel and operations.

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  • Shopper Marketing: The Vital Ingredient In The CPG Marketing Mix

    Shopper Marketing: The Vital Ingredient In The CPG Marketing Mix

    Shopper marketing is gaining importance in retail and requires a high level of collaboration between retailers and CPG manufacturer for greater efficiency.

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Price Optimizing Application

Price Optimizing ApplicationManthan introduced Price Optimizing Application designed specifically for the retail environment at NRF 2014. This is a part of the latest ARC Merchandise Analytics, MA6.4 bringing the power of sophisticated analytics to end users through an extremely intuitive and easy to understand user interface.

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Analyze, Decide, and Do: The transformation of analytics in retail

Are you targeting the right customerAt NRF 2014, Manthan’s CEO Atul Jalan speaks about the altering role of analytics in retail and its transformation from being a decision-support system to a decision-making system, to a decision-execution system.

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Presenting a Recommendation Engine for digital and Brick & Mortar Retail Marketers

Presenting a Recommendation Engine for Online and Brick & Mortar RetailersHow to target the right customer with the right offer? The puzzle is now solved with Manthan patent pending ARC Offer Recommendation behavioral insights from customer data to drive highly targeted and relevant promotions.

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Are you targeting the right customer – the answer lies in multidimensional customer segmentation.

Are you targeting the right customerAs a Retail Marketer what to promote is on top of your mind, not who should receive what promotions when and how, right? Now, wait a minute, rewind to last promotions you designed, and ask yourself, were you customer centric in your approach?

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